Love is…

What is love?

Love is a gift.


It is the gift that grows,

The gift that knows,

The gift that hears,

The gift that shares,

The gift that feels,

The gift that seals,

The gift that assures,

The gift that allures,

The gift that one finds,

The gift that confides,

The gift from God,

The gift is God,

A blessed gift that all should laud.


It is in this that I want to be embraced,

Staring in the glory of Godโ€™s grace.

His love fights for me with divine rage,

It is in it I want to be forever caged.


Written by Amorelle Lewinson. copyright 2016. All rights reserved.

This is the title poem for the book “Embrace Me” written by yours truly.

You can enjoy a preview or get your own copy right here.

embrace me COVER



18 thoughts on “Love is…

  1. Yes, it is the greatest gift. Where there is love, there is no hate, no war, no suffering – only light. A beautiful post!

    1. thank you very much:-) coming from you that is an honour indeed. You are an excellent poet. i recently discover your blog through Azul Zaffre’s Blog. This poem i wrote for my wedding invitation 11 years ago. it is one of my first poems to be made public. thanks for your appreciation.

      1. You are kindly welcome and I am happy you dropped by so I could discover your blog. I am looking forward to reading more of your work.

  2. he he he he. Like wise me. Got lots to go through on yours. Btw, that cartoon pic for your Gravatar makes me smile cause I do that occasionally while writing/typing quickly as the thoughts come to me. I can so relate. he he he he

    1. Whoa!! hi. good to have you visit. Thank you. that’s huge coming from you. I visited your place today and realize you’re a super poet. Found you through “hook line and ink well’s” blog. Thanks for your appreciation. Honored much; from such a poet pro. *ten yard smile*

      1. I am not a pro at all. I am learning so much. At the bottom of my posts you’ll see links to blogs where they teach different forms and offer prompts. I am a student. I invite you to learn with me. ๐Ÿ™‚

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