Hope whispers,
Breathe once again,
I sigh and relax,

Written by Amorelle Lewinson. Copyright 2016. All rights reserved.


11 thoughts on “Joy

    1. lrl. thank u much. Last night was thinking about “Him” and I heard those lines coming from my spirit and so i wrote them quickly. Its not my poetry style, so i was surprised but it flowed so effortlessly i penned them immediately.

  1. This is so wonderful–I LOVE your heart for HIM! If it’s okay, I’d like to share something He told me last evening (as I’ve been struggling a lot)–Jesus told me, “We will get there, we’ll get through this–I WILL NOT LET LOOSE of you, NOT LET YOU GO UNTIL YOU SEE VICTORY. You WILL step out of this tangle of past brambles and briars which has so painfully ensnared you. I am your Healer, Rescuer and your Freedom–you need only Trust and Rest in ME.”

    1. Wow… that sounds so much like HIM. That’s really sweet. I’m so happy to hear you both talk like that… He’s wonderful. Yes you shall see victory in His name. Selah.

    1. Thank you. It was my first short poem. Heard all the words and just write them instantly. Told you I’d try. Lrl. I wanted a kinda Cherita… it’s not fully but what do u think of my first attempt?

      1. I think it’s perfect. And, I predict that if you keep writing in short forms, you will begin to think in them as well. That’s what happened to me 🙂

      2. He he heh. Thank you. Well, i do believe you. After writing my second poetic book, i did so much poetry, my everyday vocabulary turned poetic. I thought it was so funny. Like “hi, how are you? Hope you’re not blue because of all you have to do, but it’s ok, He will see you through…” something like that. I laughed at myself cause they just flowed without second thought.

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