My friend next door… Diamond series

I Always thought there was something wrong with me,
I kept getting left behind.
People come, look
Admire me from a far, but smile
And go their way,

My friend next door had cousins,
Many of them, they were all chosen.
My friend next door had relatives, who were all chosen – but not me.
People come, got excited and took them away, but not me.
Eventually even my friend next door left and I was alone – all alone.
I was the one they smiled, at but never choose.

With this continuous act,
I became self conscious.
Can’t they see my sparkle?
Can’t they see my shine?
Is something wrong with me?
I questioned.

Then an answer I didn’t expect was given:
“You are perfectly created. You sparkle like no other. You shine in utmost brilliance. You are a masterpiece. Don’t compare yourself. You are a diamond, your friend wasn’t. Not everyone can afford your worth. They look at you and move on because they know you are valuable. Your price is beyond what they can afford. Relax here awhile. The right one will recognize who you truly are and they will pay the required price to have you as their own”.

I want to believe,
But the facts are all too real.
I will never be chosen,
I will always sit here gathering dust,
I will always be….
“Yes, yes, I want this one”.
“Me, you want me?”
A smile penetrates my face.
“It’s perfect. It’s a diamond. The one I’ve always wanted. Whatever the cost, I’ll pay. This one’s a keeper”.

Then the Diamond Maker smiled.
And I felt at peace,
I’m now chosen,
By the one who knows my worth.

Yes! I am a diamond,
Beautifully formed and framed,
But I’ll always be Yours first.
I belong to YOU – Diamond Maker.

Written by Amorelle Lewinson. ©2016· All rights reserved.


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