Captive… Diamond Series

You always made me feel the worst,
I couldn’t understand why.
You always made me look the worst,
I couldn’t understand why.
You always belittled my efforts,
I couldn’t understand why.
You always told me ‘you’re nothing’,
I couldn’t understand why.
I lost the twinkle in my eyes,
The sparkle in my being,
The desires in my heart,
The shine from my – me.
Who am I, if I’m not who I believed I was?
What am I, if I’m not what I thought I was?
Why am I here – if not to glisten effortlessly?
Then I saw me through His eyes and everything changed.
Your insecurity had cemented me,
Your ego had coffined me,
Your lies had buried me
Your fear decomposed me.
You knew ALL along who I truly am – my worth,
You knew my value,
You knew my price,
You chose to hide it – so as to keep me your prisoner – slave – captive.
Well the game has changed.
I’m a prisoner no longer.
I know the Truth and He has set me free.
I am a diamond!
I belong to the Diamond Maker.
So now… Say something!
Go ahead – make a sly comment,
Dry humor, maybe some sarcasm?
Eh? What now?
That’s what I thought – silence!

Written by Amorelle Lewinson. ©2016. All rights reserved.


12 thoughts on “Captive… Diamond Series

    1. Thank you so much. Today as I thought about the last 3 days left in the Diamond Series, an image came to me of a person who has been undervalued and mentally enslaved, simply because the “Captor” fears the person knowing the truth about their worth. Immediately the words flowed as to the penning of the poem. So many times we think so little of ourselves because of the lies we have been told that we believe. It’s sad 😦

      1. You are SO right! The “Captor” works day and night, lying to us about our true worth. We just have to keep reminding ourselves that we are HIS, bought with Blood 🙂

    1. Sigh, Been hearing that… sometimes I do not want to hear because I’m tired of the pressure, the intense pressure. It’s just too great. Real great. But your words yet again seem like another person speaking straight from the mouth of the Diamond Maker, sigh. Thank you much – much sir. Bless you.

      1. You, my sister, will not recognize yourself, in the future. Purity, beauty, Holy Spirit power shining through you. You are paying the price and will come into victory! Blessings, as you focus on the Diamond Maker!

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