Safe Place… Diamond Series

I started out as a fragile thing,
Naïve, ignorant, immature fledgling,
Seeking simply for refuge, a place of safety,
Where no pain, hurt or sorrow could reach me.
And so it was, He lived up to His reputation.
He took me in, fixed me up, and made me a part of His holy nation.
He provoked the precious gem hidden in me to grow,
And through our partnership, my gifts began to flow.
But I was not prepared for the ensuing opposition,
Every size, shape and shade of nasty.
Could a ‘safe place’ really have such division?
Even some brothers and sisters were acting underhanded and crafty!
Why would they hate me for being me?
I wasn’t even the me I’d always wanted.
I was the me He wanted me to be.
But at every point of weakness, He offered His strength,
And slowly, I realized I could trust His help.
‘Til verbal spears would bounce right off me,
Critics and backbiters would follow shortly,
With every small victory, there was added a layer of fortitude,
And I funneled that strength into my “more than a conqueror attitude”.

******                                                                                                                                                     I can declare now that I am a fortress of God’s power.
Relentless, unyielding, indomitable; yet still a thing of beauty,
But my shine and luster are not from vanity,
They are my life’s testimony of every victory.
I have won through God,
Over soothsayers, naysayers, Judases and backstabbers a plenty.
I shine on, strong and bright, all for His Glory.
I am a Diamond – Yes I am,
I belong to the Diamond Maker – who is both Lion and Lamb.


Written by Kamal Fullwood.  ©2016.   All rights reserved. 

I asked one of my sons who is a brilliant poet (but has no time at the moment for poetry), to whip me up something for my “Diamond Series”. He came up with the above. One of the reasons I love this poem so much, is that it is (and still is) a glorious testimony of my own life indeed.  I hope you, my gorgeous reader enjoyed it 🙂


6 thoughts on “Safe Place… Diamond Series

  1. Oh MY–wonderful!!! It’s so true that satan will use anybody he can to wound us and try to get us off track, when we’re loving and following our Lord. But in Him, we are Victorious–shining and sparkling Forever. Great Poem!!

    1. Thank you on behalf of my son :). I looooove this poem because it is a testimony of my life – still is. long sigh! My wounds are more like lacerations… oh Lord – But God.

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