Second Glance… Diamond Series

I was put down for so long,
Cause I was Thought to be ordinary.
Then someone took a second glance – Looked at the tag, said –
Designer: “Diamond Maker
Now appreciation is showered.

Written by Amorelle Lewinson. ©2016.

Behind the scenes
I received a pair of shades a few days ago, I was grateful because I do love shades, and I lost two pairs back to back recently. (See my DIY shades holder below)

My DIY shades holder 🙂

I was trying to decide which to wear tomorrow and decided to pick out the one my friend gave me recently, since I’m heading out of town And I haven’t worn it as yet.

I know I saw the sign when I got it, but truly never paid much attention since I was busy. Tonight I saw the sign again and I now took a second look. I saw the “tag”, the “label” and “manufacturer”.


Now I already have one, but somehow I didn’t realize this was of similar manufacturer because the style and make was different (slaps forehead). So I checked the label to confirm


There it was, not made in China (no offense to the Chinese products) but made in Italy, just like my other Louis Vuitton shades. (Wow)

Then He spoke to me:

Many times royalty is hidden simply because it looks different from the expectations of those who believe they know what royalty is supposed to look like. Yes there will be fakes – knock offs, but always check the manufacturer, label, and specific/hidden tags to verify authenticity. Those can never lie”.

Smile. Lesson learnt.

I’m glad I’m true royalty.
My label: “Diamond”,
Hidden tag: “Sparkle and shine in His love”.
Manufacturer: “The Diamond Maker”. I’m authentic… so are you 🙂


What do you think?

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