Diamond Series Update…

Today I went on a speaking engagement and HE totally transformed my message into my ‘Diamond Series’.

I was sooo surprised.
I had my message all planned (as usual), but HE didn’t allow me to go more than the opening of my tablet.

I love it when HE totally changes up the plan of things and causes them to flow the way HE desires. I absolutely love that. HE took the reigns and said, “alright it’s MY turn”…. and I allowed HIM with no limits nor bounds.

I watched today as persons cried waves of tears as they placed their hands on their chests and declared:

I am a Diamond!
I belong to the Diamond Maker!

The many situations persons received healing from include: self esteem issues, words of negativity, curses and generational issues plaguing them since childhood. HE is awesome!

It warmed my heart. HE loves us.
I’m happy that HE is the healer of hearts, souls, emotions, spirits and bodies.

What about you my dear?
Why don’t you follow suit?
Put your hand on your chest and boldly, with attitude and gusto, loudly declare:

I am a diamond!
I belong to the Diamond Maker!

Yes you are a diamond – yes, yes you are indeed:-)


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