Haters… Diamond Series (extra)

So guys, yesterday was the last of my diamond series. But feel like I wanna do an overflow… here’s a simple one – a little extra 🙂
Here goes…

They never believed in me,
You did unequivocally,
Because You saw what they couldn’t see.
They told me my aspirations were unfounded,
However You encouraged me,
Because You saw, what they couldn’t see.
I worked hard to be successful,
They told me I would fail.
You told me:
“Work twice as hard and never give up”
Because You saw what they couldn’t see.
They spoke negatively,
Draining me of all my energy.
You told me:
“Deafen your ears,
It will lengthen your years.
Speak what you believe,
No matter the dream you conceive,
Be totally naive,
To the concept of failure.
Water it – make it grow grandeur.
All this and more,
You can surely achieve,
If you only believe.
I see what they cannot see.
You are a diamond – will always be.
Let them squawk – those haters,
I am here with you forever –
Your One and Only Diamond Maker”.


Written by Amorelle Lewinson. ©2016. All rights reserved.


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