I Confess… Diamond Series Influence

I woke up this morning to this blinking light (pun intended 🙂 ) on my phone.  Took it up, I was graced with “Thank you” and the following message in the form of the poem below:

High pressure and temperature,
This had to be the process.
For it to have no competitor.
I confess!
I am a diamond!
I belong to the Diamond Maker!

I have been pressed on every side,
Hurt by the ones that are close by.
Tested and tried,
Still – I’m perfectly carved by the Most High.

Aggravated and Frustrated,
God: “you are my diamond, you MUST endure”.
So, I rest assure,
Knowing I belong to the Diamond Maker.

Jehovah Osenu refining this pending masterpiece,
Extracting the hidden cracks,
Replacing them with mending so new.
The heat is on me but I rest content,
Because the heat is also in me.

So burn fire burn.
Burn over this natural crystal again,
Sufferings I summon you,
The more you come,
The more glorious I will be in the end.

I am a diamond.
I belong to the Diamond Maker.

Written by: Samique & Samuel
Inspired by: Rev. Amorelle Lewinson
© 2016

Image by Google

Hope you guys enjoyed it. I surely did.
Yay… for the Diamond Series.
Yay… for Jesus 🙂


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