How could You?

Guys, I couldn’t resist this one… An oldie. Hope it blesses you all.

Amorelle - Just Keeping it Real

Christ Crucifiedimage reblogged from: Soaring Eagle Christ Crucified
image reblogged from: Soaring Eagle

How could You do it? When you knew it would cost everything?

It was brutal, murderous and shameful, that treatment was not suitable for my King.

Oh the hurt, the pain, the agony, So I could know You,

And reign with You in eternity.

Jesus carrying our sinsimage by: Jesus carrying our sins
image by:

How could You? When You knew I didn’t deserve your love?

Your passion and gentleness? You were as harmless as a Dove.

Yet through Your hands they drove nails, Oh, it makes my body quails,

To think of Your sacrifice, And that is why its You alone I hail.

Jesus nails Nails through His hands
image by:

Glory to Jesus!

His Obedience – Just for us.

Obedience for usimage by: Obedience for us
image by:

Your sacrifice was awful, But I am thankful,

Because if it wasn’t for You, I’d have no hope of salvation,


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