Today’s Word For The Family…

Hi lovely,

You know life can be so challenging especially when all you see and feel around you are lies, hurt, deception and pain. I am gonna use this week to make some declarations over our families, friends, business, ministries, homes, schools and lives in general. I know without positive mental reinforcements we will surely succumb to the negatives that surround us. So today Sunday is about our families.

I declare and decree that:

My family and I live in abundance, excess and overflow.

We do not identify with lack, poverty, decrease, limitation and struggle.

We are well knitted and united for one common good that will glorify God.

Every weapon formed against my family shall fail. 

I decree that none of my family members shall enter any vehicle of destruction. We know that God is for us, so absolutely no one can be against us!

My family shall conquer and never be conquered.

My family stands for holiness and righteousness regardless of negative cultural and societal influences.

We will never be separated. We are ruthless and relentless in love and the things that please God.

In Jesus name 



Excerpt from the book: “Say it Because It Is So”.

Written by Amorelle Lewinson. ©2015.  All Rights Reserved.



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