Today’s Word for the Kids

Hello Lovely,

Today Monday April 4, we will be making declarations specifically over our children (or children to be).  Moderate, modify and make ’em yours. Declare them over your kids or future kids. Let them become a part of your daily diet until manifestation becomes evident. Okay, here we go:

According to the word of God in Psalms 112:2 which says “my seed shall be mighty upon the earth”, I make these declarations concerning my children.  I stand in faith believing that the word of God will not lie. So I declare and decree that:

My children are smart, creative and intelligent.

My children’s names are inscribed in scholarships.

My children are filled with wisdom which will be their guide.

My children shall fulfill their purpose and destiny.

My children shall never know poverty rather they shall be prosperous.

My children shall not be down trodden rather they shall be leaders and innovators in their assigned field.

My children shall not be attracted to the bad in others or the world. They shall be magnetized to the good in others and in the world.

My children shall not be engaged in the mundane of mindless conversations, rather they shall use their intelligence to develop their lives and the lives of those around them.

My children’s gifts and talents shall not go to waste. Rather they shall augment their lives, empower others and bring glory to God.

In Jesus name,



Excerpt from the book “Say It Because It Is So”.

Written by Amorelle Lewinson. © 2015.  All Rights Reserved




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