Today’s Word for the Friends

Hello Gorgeous,

So, Tuesday was my birthday. It was an interesting day. Didn’t begin how I imagined but ended with a manifestation of a revelation I had that same morning. I was very pensive that day, looking over my life in the last few years, when this quote floated to the forefront of my thoughts:

“It’s best to have a circle of 3 that loves you to death, than a circle of 300 that loves you with conditions”.

So I jumped on my Facebook page and posted it like I normally would. I didn’t know, I would prove it that same day. On Tuesday two of my friends dropped their entire Tuesday to attend to mine. I feel so honoured and humbled to have them in my life. The greatest thing, is they would’ve done it whether it was my birthday or not. They are true friends in deed and in need.  The above quote became surreal to me you know.  Smile.

Considering this, I want to declare some things for the friends in our lives.  If you have anyone, you can be yourself with and they love you despite your flaws – ALL YOUR FLAWS, they want the best for you at all times, even at their expense… they are your “Ride and Die with Peeps” – they are worth protecting and cherishing at all cost. So why don’t you add these declarations to your daily diet for those true friends eh? Better yet, begin to announce them to the atmosphere if you do not yet have true friends, so the universe can begin aligning them to you… okay, here we go:

I declare and decree that:

My friends are true and will never be corrupted by gossip or the willful malicious intent of others who want to separate us.

My friends are loyal to me, even as I am loyal to them. I strive to see them happy.

My friends are healthy and whole. Sickness and disease are far from them.

My friends are protected and covered comprehensively under the blood of Jesus.

My friends are wise and they act in wisdom to manage the affairs of their lives.

My friends are rich. Poverty’s door will never be opened to them in any way, shape or form.

My friends are smart, creative and talented. Their gifts are making room for them to be brought in the presence of greatness.

My friends shall be promoted and exalted in whatever arena they choose to venture.

My friends are surrounded in favour. They shall be shrouded in love always.

My friends’ families, are all successful in any endeavor they undertake.

My friends will never be overwhelmed by the cares of this life.  Joy, peace and strength shall govern their lives.

My friends are being chased and terrorized by blessings and prosperity.

My friends are prisoners of the kindness of others.

My friends are loaded with witty inventions that will aid them and bring joy to others.

My friends are successful in all they do – they have the gold touch.

My friends and I will always be true. Our friendship will never be severed unless the Lord separates us for His purpose/glory and our benefit,

In Jesus name



Written by Amorelle Lewinson. ©2016. All rights reserved.

Dedicated to my true best friends: Christine, Nalesha, Sylvester, Lois.
























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