Puppet on a string…

You pulled at me like puppet on a string,
I believed everything – lies though they be,
Wished I had realized – wish I had seen,
Couldn’t someone had warn me?

Gained what I wanted but have I lost what I had?
Sometimes I’m so confused – Am I going mad?

I feel so lost, alone and afraid,
My heart is weary,
Drained and dreary.
I wanna come back home,
I am a prodigal son,
I wanna see all I can become.

Arms wide open is what I hope to see,
Even though I do not deserve
In them to be…
I need you Lord with all of my heart,
Cause not my puppetry to do us part.

Today I’m returning,
In your arms I want to rest,
Forgive me for my puppetry,
My strings will you cut please,
Bring me peace of mind and divine ease.

I thank you for life, love and everything,
May our covenant be endless like a priceless diamond ring.

Written by Amorelle Lewinson. Copyright 2016. All rights reserved.


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