Quotes Week – #1

Hello Gorgeous,

You know, I have suffered a lot of hurts and pain over the years (as I am sure you have too), but especially over the last few months.  Through it all though, I have learnt a few things.  I have written a book on some of these journeys and discoveries, through pain with some of the quotes that I have coined over a while called “Giant Gems”.

I am beginning to appreciate some of the pain because of what it has taught me. I have been learning through them all. I want to use this week to share a few of my quotes with you, in hopes that they will motivate, inspire and move you into hope and destiny.

*Thank you my ‘pumpkin pie’ for gathering all my quotes way back to 2013 for me.
You have made this task way easier than it would’ve been  otherwise *wink wink*.

Here we go. Quote #1:





What do you think?

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