Quotes Week… #2

Hello lovely,

You know the journey of life can truly be interesting. At times we can be so wounded and mutilated in our hearts by persons who once claimed to have loved us, that we begin to drive away the ones that actually do. This tends to happen because the fake often times mirrors the real. I have concluded, only time and situations will ultimately tell the difference. Fake cannot and will never be real. It has to change into its true form sooner or later. So be open and ready to accept the fact that what you thought was real, could probably have been fake all along and time along with situations have finally shown you the truth. In the end, make peace with ’em, love ’em, forgive ’em and move on without them.

So today’s quote reflects a lesson I learnt about being hurt by those who you thought once loved you:

those who love u


What do you think?

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