Quotes Week #3

Hi lovely,

You know I have found “Favour” to be a great thing. There are several definitions for the word ‘favour’. There are biblical and non-biblical definitions for the word. Basically, Favour (not biblical definition) can be defined as: “an act of kindness beyond what is due or usual”.  When we receive unusual kindness and goodness in our lives, we can define it as Favour. Many persons have unusual favour on their lives while some can hardly recognize any at all.  How can you increase favour on your life if you find yourself in the latter?  I believe honouring persons can increase favour in our lives dramatically. It has happened to me. Who’s voice are you listening to? Who has influence in your life? Favour can be earned through honouring the right voice.   [Of course to get Divine Favour you need to honour the voice of Jesus]. This wonderful tool to assist our lives and propel our future, can truly tell us a lot about the people we have around us. When you begin to experience unusual expressed kindness from others, note their responses and you will know who in your circle is for or against you.

This quote is therefore one of the things I have learnt about favour:




What do you think?

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