Quotes Week #5

Hello Lovely,

I have found that the sex industry these days is a multi-Billion dollar one. Sadly, something created for us to enjoy in a pure manner, has been perverted to such horrifying degrees, that it is scary to conceive or worst believe.  People have allowed themselves to have sex with animals (bestiality), sex with minors/children (pedophilia) and I’ve seen documentaries where persons even make/fall in love with buildings and objects (objectophilia).

Most of these trends began with being exposed to pornography.  Pornography  is a cruel ill that does no good to those who are hooked by its iron claws. I say that with no apologies, being a Christian who was hooked to its diabolic charms.  When I was younger, I stumbled upon a magazine that I shouldn’t have and curiosity led me to “research” that was way too adult for my early teen mind.

Years later being exposed to greater internet capabilities, I began deeper ‘research’ online,  and my so-called research led to an addiction that consumed every waking (and sleeping) moment of my life. Pornography is a wicked task master. It entices and lures you into a trap of addiction. No matter how much you watch, read or imagine, it is never enough. Never! Porn took over my life to the point where, I would rush home as the clock hits 5:00 pm, so I could dive into the vomit of my own mess. It became such a problem (unknown to the public of course, because we are great at hiding our sins), that pretty soon I wanted my husband to “be” some of those fictional men I see on my ‘research’. (You know that cannot be good). My mind became consumed with all kinds of perversions and fetish of all sorts. My mind was fifty shades of gray (pun intended). I felt terrible usually, after hours of consuming such garbage, Yet I WAS NOT ABLE TO STOP.  Sigh! I felt the Holy Spirit stirring within me when I partook and I know it was wrong especially as a Christian, but I was captured, I DID NOT KNOW HOW TO STOP! Every day became my last day, yet the next day I began all over again.

One day, while channel hopping, I stumbled upon a documentary revealing the “how to” of pornographic movies. I realized I was completely tricked into believing everything was as it appears in these movies. I was deceived into thinking these girls were always truly enjoying these hammerings (pun intended). I saw that at times these ladies were even in tears before and after a filming because of the pain and soreness they were experiencing. Some of those moans of ecstasy, were actually muffled screams of agony. I was shocked. They are great actors. Thespians at their best!  Many of them actually had different lives where they were married and for some, their spouses knew nothing about their ‘second job’ because their life outside the porn, is the complete opposite.

This was a serious wake up call for me.  Like unveiling my curtained eyes. I sat in amazement as I watch the editors and directors piece tons and tons of edited material into one “perfect movie”.  Then there are some videos that are excruciatingly raw and cruel. Brutal and crude. They are devoid of true love and affection.  Horrifying, yet individuals pay thousands of dollars to download and watch these cruelties daily and monthly. Nonetheless, no matter the form, type, length or category, porn does no good to anyone!

After watching the documentary, my bail from mental porn jail began. I was not freed immediately, but surely it jolted me into common sense. In my book “Divine God Encounters” , I share how I was delivered in totality from my addiction to pornography. God is good. There is no prison from which He cannot free us.

So today’s quote reflects what I have learnt about pornography after years of addiction and its dangers to our spiritual, mental, emotional and sexual health:













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