Quotes week #6

Hello Lovely,

You know having enemies is not always a bad thing if you can allow them to inspire you into your destiny and purpose.  Your enemies have a knack to helping you see just where you are in life.  I guarantee if you have no enemies, you are dead not truly living life on purpose.  Everyone has enemies. FACT! Some hate us because we are too nice, some hate us because we are not nice enough.  Some hate us because we are excelling, some hate us because we are not excelling in an area opposite to theirs.  Some hate us because we help others and not them, some hate us because they are bitter and need someone to hate, so they chose you.  The reasons are enormous as how you can acquire haters, even without your knowing.

I don’t know about you, but I prefer open enemies. Haters with their hate lights on. You know, the ones who hate you and are not afraid to let you know.  The enemies/haters I fear, are those I call “friendly Judas”.  Those are the ones who are in your circle, you think are for you because they behave like they are, but they are secretly plotting your demise.  (((Yeesshhhh)))

Your energy is much too precious to be hating on people. It is so not worth it. So I have learnt am learning, what I am about to show you.

Today’s quote reflects a simple suggestion you can apply concerning those who silently and openly hate you.












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