Quotes week #7

Hello Lovely,

My life is a constant one of criticism.  Its amazing! I live in it, eat it, breathe it, see it, sleep it and many times dream “it” would go away.  It hasn’t! So I have learnt to live with it.  I live in a somewhat culture of reserved Christianity, so anything outside the norm is frowned upon – greatly!  For example, my hair colour which you notice in the photo on my quotes logo is red – its blazing red actually.  This was not welcomed at all in my church and many churches in and around my religious cultural island paradise called Jamaica.  The liberal living, with meaningless fan-dangles like multi piercings and certain hair colour and even certain style of dressing, will get you more critics than a celebrity’s nakeedness in and certain areas of my national paradise.

I have been told: “I am a negative influence on the youths”, “I am taking them to hell”, “I am not a true child of God”, “I am the worst leader”, “I cannot truly shepherd anyone”, “I am MOST CERTAINLY NOT A CHRISTIAN – WORST A PROPHETESS”, “I manipulate people so they wanna be like me”, “I use people”, “I am a heathen” – and the list is endless.

I used to be totally bothered by these nasty negativism. I used to cry myself silly.  They used to hurt so much. Occasionally they still do especially from persons you didn’t expect would persecute you, simply because your choice of style and personal fashion, is the complete opposite of their own beliefs. I used to examine my life very much to see what about the fundamentals of the ‘Jesus life’, that I am not living – couldn’t find anything worth addressing or rather confessing. I therefore concluded “PEOPLE WILL BE PEOPLE”. That’s the ultimate quote I coined a few years ago that many in my circle have began using vehemently, as they recognize its veracity. [Disclaimer: I do not know if others have been using it prior to me, but I was the first I heard with it 🙂 ]

But over the years,  I have learnt a few things about critics – the negative ones that is:

  1. They are everywhere.
  2. You have many more than you know.
  3.  They secretly really are jealous of you.
  4. They see you as a threat that they must destroy.
  5. You can possibly not do anything to win them over.

So what do you do then?

The following quote is one that took me a while to coin. However living in a life of constant criticism, I have learnt:










4 thoughts on “Quotes week #7

  1. What they criticize and curse you with, is a blessing in disguise. You are blessed of God and every curse is to be turned around with the opposite being your blessing. It is decreed that God blesses you and you are blessed!

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