She took the stage,
Nervous… shaking… pondering.
Will they see?
Is it obvious?
Can they notice it’s all a sham?

I’m nothing they think I am.
I’m everything they believe I am not.
Will they see through me?

“There’s nothing worst than wearing a mask of lies,
Only truth brings freedom,
But if they knew they’d judge me.
They’d condemn me immediately.
I just can’t. I have to keep up this charade”
She thinks out loud.

Clears throat.

Poise? Check.
Posture? Check.
Mask? Check.

She opens her mouth.
She forces the smile.
She gathers her thoughts.
“Ladies and gentlemen…”

St. John 8:32&36
Jesus is Truth. He will never judge nor condemn us. True freedom is found in Him.

©2016. Amorelle Lewinson.


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