I Choose…

My eyes popped open,
My body shuffled languishingly,
My feet hit the floor.
Thank you Lord for yet another day.
Thoughts of yesterday flooded me,
Imaginations of today overwhelmed me,
Fears of tomorrow saturated me.
Oh no – another day?
Yet again.

No. No. No. No. No.
I will not start today like this – I refuse to!
Today will be a good day!
Today will be a great day!
Today will be an exceptional day!
Today I will not be depressed!
I choose to rule this day!
I choose to enjoy it my way!
This is not a debate,
This is not up for discussion,
Today will be a super day,
Because I choose to be happy all day,
And in my own way.

©2016. Amorelle. All rights reserved.



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