God is all about newness.

Many times newness can be scary. I think about Abraham, and when he was asked to leave his home and everything he knows, to go to an unknown place and how he must have felt inside. Yes he trusted and believed God, so he went willfully. However, it must have been a little scary.  It must have been saddening too, to leave the comfort of all he knows for the discomfort of the unknown. I can imagine it may have been exciting too, to discover new people, new ideas, new lands and new adventures as he travelled.

I look into my own life and see the many changes and challenges that come with that change and it scares me likewise. Opening my heart to love enough to help those who need my help, is a new adventure for me. Gaining what I thought I never wanted, but realizing how fulfilled I feel after embracing what God said I should, is newness all over. I had shut my heart up to the complete assistance of others out of fears and past hurts for a while, and relearning to care for those outside the scope of my comfort, is another adventure all by itself. NEWNESS!

As the Lord shows me my future and the many, many newness that he’s about to swiftly take me into, its scary. However,  like Abraham, I want to be “counted as righteous” because of my simple faith in Jesus regarding the unknown. I definitely do not know all my future, but the portions I know are about to manifest, are really all NEW. I must say it has me a little on edge. Albeit, I will embrace my fears and proceed, because though I do not know it all, I am friends with the One who does. He will take me safely through…

What newness are you in the middle of?  How can you embrace them in order to proceed into purpose?

Here’s a clue below:

For the Scriptures tell us, “Abraham believed God, and God counted him as righteous because of his faith.” Romans 4:3 (NLT)

©2016.  Amorelle.


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