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My various poetic thoughts.

*I Choose*

This one is from the archives…  Resurrection!

Today I choose life not death,

Today I choose to be happy not sad,

Today I choose blessings not cursings,

Today I choose health not sickness,

Today I choose faith not unbelief,

Today I choose courage not fear,

Today I choose laughter not worries,

Today I choose freedom not bondage,

Today I choose wealth not poverty,

Today I choose to be me not anyone else.

Today I choose my destiny not discouragement,

Today I choose my future not frustration,

Today I choose righteousness not sinfulness,

Today I choose grace not gossip,

Today I choose forgiveness not vengeance,

I choose Everything that’s good, lovely and pure,

Today I choose Love, Life, greatness and God,

Today I choose…..

((((( I choose )))))

©Amorelle-Shemaîah 2018


Watch your eyes, watch your eyes what they see… 

“Beauty is in THE eyes of the beholder, but what if the beholder is blind?” 
Havíng α kєєn ѕєnѕє σf thє unσвvíσuѕ hαѕ thє pσwєr tσ ѕαvє uѕ frσm much díѕαѕtєr. Mαnч tímєѕ tσσ, thє danger íѕ ríght ín frσnt σf us, вut вєcαuѕє wє αrє вlíndєd вч vαríσuѕ ínfluєncєѕ, wє cαnnσt clєαrlч see the destruction that is parading in frσnt σf uѕ. Like thє dєmσnѕ ín flєѕh, thє Jєzєвєlѕ ín Aвígαíl’ѕ αttírє, thє Judαѕ díѕguíѕєd αѕ Jσhn σr thє Nαвαl ín Bσαz’ѕ shoes.

 These αrє αll pєrfєct єхαmplєѕ σf whч wє nєєd mσѕt dєѕpєrαtєlч, thє αвílítч tσ ѕєє вєчσnd thє fαctѕ íntσ truth. Tσdαч, whч nσt αѕk thє Lσrd tσ íncrєαѕє чσur αвílítч tσ ѕєє αnd undєrѕtαnd, ѕσ чσur ѕtєpѕ cαn вє вєttєr σrdєrєd вч hím.

Father in thє nαmє σf Jesus, I ask you this day to wash mч єчєѕ wíth єчє ѕαlvє αccσrdíng tσ Rєv 3:18. Clєαnѕє mє thσrσughlч αnd cαuѕє mє tσ clєαrlч ѕєє thє unseen,  ѕσ mч lífє cαn вє вєttєr σrdєrєd вч чσu ín Jesus nαmє… αmєn!

Note to Self…

The worst thing you can do in your life is to feel sorry for yourself,  to the point of nothingness. Pity parties should  only be attended for a moment not a lifetime.

When bad things happen, remember that they cannot over power you. The power they have, is that which you relinquish.

Use your God-given skills, relationships, power and resources to turn a bad thing into a lesson to learn and move on. Yes. Let go off the bad and MOVE ON!

Do not focus on the negatives. Anything you give your attention, will automatically get your focus. Anything that gets your focus, gets your thoughts, words, feelings and emotions. So shift your focus from the problems to the Problem Solver.
Dictate to life. After all life was given to you to be lived. Live your life. Do not let life be lived in for you.
©2016 Amorelle. 

I do it best…

Just when you believe you will not make it,

Just when you believe all is lost,

Just when you believe there’s no way out,

Just when you believe you’ll be forever alone,

Just when you feel all hope is gone,

Just when you feel there’s no need to try again,

Just when you feel like a failure,

Just when you feel you’re going crazy,

Just when you feel there’s no way out,

Just when you feel like I have failed you,

Just when you feel like you’re imprisoned in bars of darkness,

Just when you feel like light will never be seen again,

Just when you feel like giving up…


 I was ALWAYS there. You were just too busy trying to do it by yourself and for yourself to notice Me.

Now… will you allow Me to do what I do best? The impossible?