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It has always been my dream to empower others. One of the means I am now able to do so to those not in my immediate reach, is through my writing.  Everything I have written, is meant to inspire and motivate you. My aim is to empower you, so you can empower those around you. I pray that through all my works you will be drawn closer to Jesus and if you do not yet know him, maybe I can persuade you a little with some of my own encounters or meditations.  Simply click the book image to peruse a preview or purchase a copy.

My love and prayers are with you.


final kindle front
Inspirational devotional poems with wisdom gems attached.




“Tattoo Me” is a poetic inspirational guide that is designed to take its reader on a devotional journey into the presence of God. Its pages express themes including: intimacy, war, hope, love and shows its reader how their identity is important in purposing them for the adventures of life. This poetic devotional is simple, relatable and reader friendly; with gems and nuggets tucked away on every page. “Tattoo Me” will not just take you on a divine journey, but will cause you to want to repeat, after you get to your destination



Dance with Me Cover
Prophetic devotional poems to stir your heart and bring you closer to God.


“Dance With Me” is a part two of the poetic devotional guide series.This book is designed to take its reader on an adventurous journey into the presence of God. Within its inspirational pages, are biblical themes, principles and wisdom keys for an amazing devotional experience. As you read, you will realize the harmonious melodies of heaven are disguised in every line. This poetic devotional is sure to gently nudge at your heart as it unveils poetic rhythms, to synchronize you to the tune of God’s heart.





embrace me COVER
Part 3 in the Devotional Poetry. A journey with God in pain & hurt discovering his love.

Embrace Me, is book three in the series – devotional poetry. It takes you on a journey with the writer as it was written to reflect a time of great suffering in her life. The poems are naked and real. They reveal one woman’s journey in understanding how a God of love operates in times of intense suffering and pain. They unveil how lies and deception can trap us but greater than that, how true love and friendship can free and restore us. Journey with her and find out how to be caged in the love of God himself.







Forty Prophetic bold Prayer Declarations to change your world.


“The phrase “put your money where your mouth is” would almost describe this book – but it does not. This book is an encouragement for you to frame your world beginning with your words. It is a book filled with short, simple, yet powerful bible based declaration/prayers, meant to shape a reality you want to see manifest, based on the word of God and His purpose for your life. “Say It Like It Is” is not only guaranteed to shape your world and release new dimensions unto you, but it will cause you to gain new confidence in the fact that your personal growth will skyrocket and your relationship with God will take on new heights and depths. You have full assurance, that you will learn to decree things and watch them come to pass right before your very eyes and cause the power of God to catapult you into new realms you may never have previously thought of entering”.




Say It Is 2 Cover
short, powerful prophetic declarations for you, your family, job and ministry.

“This little book is designed to help you prophesy your world using your words. When we learn how to pray the word of God with boldness, standing firm, in spite of our circumstances, we get a chance to watch that same word manifest a different reality right before our eyes. As you commit yourself to making these declarations part of your everyday life, you will slowly begin to realize that your world begins to take on a reality that models the word of God and the things of God. It is encouraged that this book be used as a supplement along with book one “Say It Like It Is – Frame Your World with Your Words”, however it is perfectly effective as a stand-alone book. You have full assurance that over time, you will begin to walk in boldness and full confidence knowing you are truly calling those things that are unseen into the seen. Brace yourself for a wild ride into the supernatural, as you learn to speak decrees and exercise the power of your spoken words”.



Simple, short & powerful study on how the anointing is released in your life.

“Have you ever wondered the processes you have to undergo in order to be truly anointed? Then this book is designed for you. Have you ever wondered where you are in your Christian journey? Then this book is for you. “Processed” uses the steps an olive endures in order to get its oil released and compares the Christian journey to those steps, to show you, how the Lord releases the anointing oil from you in a similar manner. Understanding how the Olive gives us its oil, helps us to see how we also release our oil for all to use. As you dive into the contents of this book, you will begin to notice similarities in your own life and you will be able to categorize your experience to various levels of the outpouring of God’s anointing. At the end you will want to experience God’s processing as you know it is working for you an eternal weight of glory for his name sake”.



A journey into supernatural Encounters with Jesus and his power working through me.



“Divine God Encounters was written from personal experiences with the Divine God to encourage and strengthen you in your spiritual journey. Within the pages are the awe-inspiring realities of encounters with open and close visions; angelic helps; God’s throne room; Holy Spirit’s directions; seed-faith sowing but most profoundly is encountering God through unhindered worship. By reading through this book, the Holy Spirit will activate your faith so you begin or expand your own Divine God Encounters”.




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