*My Passion*

“To raise up real, renewed, radical young people to reveal the raw power of Jesus Christ”

I have a dream.  Yes, I do.  

I dream of a time when I am able to have a massive place for young people to worship our Jesus, until all they know is the sweet taste of heaven. I dream of the time when borders, restrictions, red tapes, colours, cultures, social classes, schedules, religious differences are demolished; completely obliterated and our unified togetherness brings a synchronous revelatory vision into the very heartbeat of Jesus Himself; until all we are is no more but all He is exceeds us and everything around us.  I dream of teaching and revealing the wonders of my Jesus’ love and then afterwards watch it manifest, when He comes down and confirm it with His favoured warmth and undying  devotion for us – His children.  

I dream of providing an atmosphere of change – supernatural and natural for all young people – a place where they themselves can dream a dream into reality.  I dream of having a building where I can rescue them from off the streets, gangs, prostitution or anything that is unproductive and deadly for them and allow them to discover who they are in Jesus.  I dream of having a system in place where their destiny and purpose can be developed and achieved.  I dream of providing shelter, food, clothes, warmth, love and education for the less fortunate young people all over the world.  *Long Sigh*

I dream of walking in a store with the most expensive stuff and seeing a young person admiring something that is totally out of his reach financially and while wishing and dreaming of it, I would fulfill that dream by purchasing it.  Then I’d hand it to them with this line “Jesus loves you”.

I dream of finding divine ways to conquer the diabolic in the lives of young people all over the world.  I dream of portraying and protruding preternatural pleasantries that cause young people to see that the life my Jesus died to give them in His Kingdom is an abundant one; and anything less is unacceptable. I dream of taking them along the principled path of the Kingdom of God and unveil to them TRUE POWER and allow them to realize that everything else is a counterfeit that will ultimately lead to their demise.

I might appear quite unbalanced and biased in my dogged dream which is directed towards young people. Don’t get it wrong. I love and want to help all people: elderly, old, middle aged, babies – you name it.  However the berserk yearning and passion I have in my heart for young people is justdivine really. I can’t help it nor make it go away. It’s unadulterated, unbridled and untamed. It causes me to dream.  I dream…and dream… and dream.  It’s what drives me. It’s my passion and purpose; my destiny and desire.  It’s the reason I was designed. It’s what I live for – minutely, hourly, daily, monthly, yearly.  It surely is all I see before me day and night – LITERALLY.  Its my dream!  

Everyone who knows me, know of my passion for young people of all colours and kindred. Next to Jesus and my family, it’s the plea of my heart.  It’s why I have a youth ministry – Divine Restoration Ministry: http://www.divinerestorationmin.org.   Small and active now but faithfulness and constancy of  having my dream alive and kicking will cause it to be worldwide and even more effective one day.

Everyday I am inching one step closer to fulfilling my dream because I keep it alive.  I feed it daily by talking of it, singing about it, praying about it, ignoring the naysayers about it, working on it and most importantly believing it will happen. I keep believing this aspiration will one day be a realization.  I dream…on and on… and on… Always!


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