Divine Restoration Ministry is a fledgling ministry that reaches out to young people.  We travel to different parts of the world and minister at conventions, crusades, conferences and church services.

Our purpose is threefold: The three w’s: Worship, Word and Work.

We aim to bring life changing encounter to everyone – with a focus on young people, through God-filled experiences along with the 3w’s  and a lifestyle that glorifies Jesus.

We live to please God in everything we do until his love, power, fire and glory is revealed so all may see and glorify him. (Is. 60:2)

Check out pictures and videos of our exploits as we honour our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.



7 thoughts on “D.R.M.I

  1. kool, restoration ministry huh. well its good to know u have support while u out doing d wuk of d di Lawd n ting; cyah mek nuttn hap’n 2 u innuh lol.

  2. Hi…My name is Amorelle too!(as you’ve guessed by the title) I googled my name (for fun i suppose) 🙂 and saw the lines “Amorelle – Just keeping it real”. I wondered when i opened a website but remembered vaguely that i did some time ago. REading it at first i actually thought it was me. Cause alot of the things said sounds like things i usually write. (and the phrase just keepin it real is something i say alot) Anyways, the messages here are profound and the ministry God chooses to do through you is awesome. May He continue to bless you and your Family.

    1. well…hello there Amorelle (thats so weird 🙂 ) its truly an honour to meet a name sake for the first time ever…with like spelling and all. Its gr8 to know you popped by and even further – we have similar testimonies. I googled my name a few times as well in the past (smile). Now I do it just to see if my blog pops up and so when I see that it does am satisfied to know am actually on the internet – World Wide Web… lol. I am Jamaican, where are you from? Nice getting to know you. We should chat again. Bless you.

    1. boy, we definitely receive that word glady.
      I declare a double portion of life’s goodness and God’s grace on your life and those connected to you likewise. Favour shall be yours to pursue and overtake all that lies ahead in your destiny in Jesus Name. Many blessings my sister.

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