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Quotes Week #4

Hello Lovely,

You know life’s adventurous twists and turns can  truly cause us to feel overwhelmed. I can tell you, if you do not rise and show life who is boss in times of difficulty, then you will sink.
I have had troubles that has brought me to my knees and face. Man! However the Lord and my friends were constantly there for me. I found though, that in spite of the support I have, a few times well, I have had to motivate myself into moving beyond what I was experiencing . I am telling life who is boss, even if I have to do it on my knees, face or backside.

So today’s quote reflects what I have told myself regarding the sea of troubles that often come my way:


Be It – To See It

Hi Gorgeous,

So yesterday we dealt with speaking words over our friends – true friends. While I was talking to one of my 8D’s, (8 Diamonds – One of the 8 gems I mentor), I was told by the person that they wrote down the declarations and was stirred by what I wrote.  I felt very happy. However, when I realized why she was stirred I felt like sharing, the secret behind such a blessing in my life – my four confidants.

In Bishop T.D. Jakes’ infamous message on the three types of persons you will meet in your lifetime (Confidant, Constituents and Comrades), he says “If you have 3 confidants in a lifetime – you did good”.  Smile.  So I believe, I’ve done very well… based on his statement because I have four.  smile.

After sharing with her, I feel like I wanna give you guys also, the background on how I became blessed with these precious gem of friends. Maybe it may inspire someone today.

I had no friends growing up LITERALLY! I had a few persons I  thought were my friends but I later found out that everybody just used me to get in or out of trouble, or pretty much for ‘my mind’.   I got fed up in my teen years about this cycle and just felt even lonelier because I am an only child. I always said: “I just want a friend who loves me – for me.”  Seemed an impossible dream. While attending a youth gathering in my latter teen years, I heard the preacher say amidst his message: “If you need a true Friend, you can get Jesus as a Friend”.  I found the statement very weird but intriguing. I had never heard that before and put in such a simple manner. “Have God as a true Friend?”, I questioned. “Is that really possible?”  I had a relationship with Him being a Christian and all, but I never had the concept He could be my Friend.

I wondered how to make that happen. Then as if that preacher was reading my mind, he said “Do you wanna know how?”   Eyes wide opened, I said in my thoughts, “yes, yes, yes”. He replied “Just ask Him”  I’m like “huh? just ask? Is it that easy,?” Sounded way too simple. A mean, shouldn’t it be way more complicated? (I have found that we Christians love to complicate things). Well, eventually I prayed a prayer of some sorts. Moved on. Forgot about it.

I can’t say I fully understood what the prayer meant or was supposed to do, but I figure, I would make the first step towards Him. So I ‘befriended’ the Holy Spirit and He me. I was intent on making Him my first best friend for a lifetime. (Best Friend Eternally – My BFE).   I thought about it and decided to take it very seriously.  So I began spending a lot of time with Him and no one else. I made being with Him an exclusive  VIP affair. I stopped going certain places where my “friends” would go and I used that time and just be with Him.  Just hang out.  Nothing planned or preconceived.  Just chat. In the beginning, it was difficult. It certainly felt like I was talking to thin air but I knew He was real. I would talk for hours and hear nothing back. At times I was frustrated but I didn’t give up hope. I figured, He must be hearing so maybe one day He will answer me the way I want Him to. I would tell myself: “After all  He hears when I pray, and He answers, so I know He is hearing me now. One day He will answer me the way I know He can – One on one”.  Hours turned into days, days turned into months and months became years. I got to know Him and he allowed me to get to know myself. After a while, I could hear Him – in my heart – my thoughts. I could feel Him on my body. I could sense Him in my spirit. I felt loved – really loved. Whenever I left the house, I couldn’t wait to return to be alone with Him. We talked about everything and anything, for hours at a time. He is a great conversationalist I have found. We had a lot of fun and laughter together – still do.

The interesting thing is, I didn’t realize these sequence of events, until one day I was sharing about some hardships I underwent and how if it wasn’t for Jesus, and my friends I would’ve never survived. Just then, in that moment – I realized how rich I am to have such valuable possessions in my life. It was in that inconvenient time the Lord showed me in flash the entire thing I’m explaining to you now. It was like rewinding a movie right back to the beginning. I was amazed.

Then he whispered in my heart: “When you stopped searching for friends, and became a friend, I was able to bring the right friends to you”. I stood there before the mass of people listening to me, completely dumbstruck and fumbling, as the whole scenery melted my heart. He continued: “you sowed yourself as a seed of friendship to Me, so I gave you a harvest of True Friendship”.

I began to weep in front the crowd of people listening to me. They must have thought I was nuts or just overwhelmed from all my struggles. I really didn’t  realize what I had done all those years ago. I was just tired and weary so I took Him as a last option, but he turned it around all for my good and now I am reaping a harvest straight from his hands. He’s awesome.

You see, I was always talking with God as my Father, but never knew him as Friend. At age 19, I made that decision to ‘befriend Him’ and within 2 years my first true friend was birth. This happened while at another youth event those years ago. He showed me a vision of an assignment he was empowering me to do and then He told me “go and talk with *Pamela because you are going to need her help in the task I am assigning to you”.  I was not amused because as a young immature person with petty issues, I was not fond of Pamela at all. Albeit, I obeyed and within a year we were best of friends. She then became my first human best friend for years… we were inseparable – like sisters. She introduced me to the book “Good Morning Holy Spirit” by Benny Hinn and that took my relationship with the Holy Spirit to a whole other level.

A few years later, the Lord Jesus provided me with the other 3 friends through various random, but divinely orchestrated events. Now my once seemingly impossible dream is a complete reality. They love me for me – ALL MY FLAWS AND EVERYTHING! I am blessed to be such a blessing to God and others. God is good.

So, now you’ve heard the story. Why have I told you? What’s the point?

The main point I want you my reader to take away from my story, is that, when I became the change I wanted – the change I needed came rushing to me. Let me encourage you today, be the change you want to see.  Be the person you want in your life. When you do, those same persons will come right around to you.

Have a blessed day today my gorgeous reader.

*Pamela – not her real name.






Today’s Word for the Friends

Hello Gorgeous,

So, Tuesday was my birthday. It was an interesting day. Didn’t begin how I imagined but ended with a manifestation of a revelation I had that same morning. I was very pensive that day, looking over my life in the last few years, when this quote floated to the forefront of my thoughts:

“It’s best to have a circle of 3 that loves you to death, than a circle of 300 that loves you with conditions”.

So I jumped on my Facebook page and posted it like I normally would. I didn’t know, I would prove it that same day. On Tuesday two of my friends dropped their entire Tuesday to attend to mine. I feel so honoured and humbled to have them in my life. The greatest thing, is they would’ve done it whether it was my birthday or not. They are true friends in deed and in need.  The above quote became surreal to me you know.  Smile.

Considering this, I want to declare some things for the friends in our lives.  If you have anyone, you can be yourself with and they love you despite your flaws – ALL YOUR FLAWS, they want the best for you at all times, even at their expense… they are your “Ride and Die with Peeps” – they are worth protecting and cherishing at all cost. So why don’t you add these declarations to your daily diet for those true friends eh? Better yet, begin to announce them to the atmosphere if you do not yet have true friends, so the universe can begin aligning them to you… okay, here we go:

I declare and decree that:

My friends are true and will never be corrupted by gossip or the willful malicious intent of others who want to separate us.

My friends are loyal to me, even as I am loyal to them. I strive to see them happy.

My friends are healthy and whole. Sickness and disease are far from them.

My friends are protected and covered comprehensively under the blood of Jesus.

My friends are wise and they act in wisdom to manage the affairs of their lives.

My friends are rich. Poverty’s door will never be opened to them in any way, shape or form.

My friends are smart, creative and talented. Their gifts are making room for them to be brought in the presence of greatness.

My friends shall be promoted and exalted in whatever arena they choose to venture.

My friends are surrounded in favour. They shall be shrouded in love always.

My friends’ families, are all successful in any endeavor they undertake.

My friends will never be overwhelmed by the cares of this life.  Joy, peace and strength shall govern their lives.

My friends are being chased and terrorized by blessings and prosperity.

My friends are prisoners of the kindness of others.

My friends are loaded with witty inventions that will aid them and bring joy to others.

My friends are successful in all they do – they have the gold touch.

My friends and I will always be true. Our friendship will never be severed unless the Lord separates us for His purpose/glory and our benefit,

In Jesus name



Written by Amorelle Lewinson. ©2016. All rights reserved.

Dedicated to my true best friends: Christine, Nalesha, Sylvester, Lois.























Never Forget… Diamond Series

Tomorrow is the end of my diamond series… what a journey it has been. Here’s to two full weeks inspiring you about your value, worth and price. Here’s to my second to last post in my diamond series. I enjoyed bringing them to you. Hope you’ve enjoyed reading as well:-)
Shall we? (chingggg glasses touch)

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As I stare out the window,
I remember all He told me.
“You are about to be released into the world. So note this, and note it well.
Not everyone will see who you truly are,
That is ok.
Not everyone will appreciate who you truly are,
That is okay.
Not everyone will care to find out who you truly are,
That is okay.
Not everyone will like who you truly are,
That is okay.
Not everyone will understand who you truly are,
That is okay.
Not everyone will want the best for who you truly are,
That is okay.
Some persons will try to use you for who you truly are,
That is okay.
Some persons will try to undervalue who you truly are,
That is okay.
Some persons will be awed by who you truly are,
That is okay.
Some persons will adore you for who you truly are,
That is okay.
Some persons will stick with you forever because of who you truly are,
That is okay.
Some persons will love you endlessly because of who you truly are,
That is okay.
No matter how you are treated – good or bad, like royalty or poverty,
You – never forget who you truly are.
You are a diamond.
You belong to the Diamond Maker”.

Written by Amorelle Lewinson. ©2016. All rights reserved.


Wowza… Diamond Series

I never thought I could be so blessed,
To have the privilege to work with Him,
And help steer you in your choices away from sin.

He allowed me to see,
What He created You to be.
It surely is marvelous,
Absolutely wondrous.

You have allowed me to be part of your lives,
As one of your spiritual guides.
Such an honour I never thought possible,
Even though the task ahead often seems impossible.

I will try along with His help,
To take you places he shows me,
You ought to be.
You have blessed my life in more ways than one,
Together our victory is already won.

You all are diamonds,
Perfectly made by the Diamond Maker.
I will help you shine,
From now until the end of our time.

Dedicated to my 8 spiritual diamonds and one biological diamond. I love you all.

Written by Amorelle Lewinson. © 2016. All rights reserved.

Mine… Diamond Series.

You saw me when no one else did,
You inspired me when everyone thought I was crazy,
You stood up for me when everyone taunted me,
You had my back when everyone left me alone,
You defended me when everyone bullied me,
You hugged me when everyone deserted me,
You taught me when everyone thought I was unteachable,
You loved me when everyone thought I was unlovable,
You remodeled me when everyone thought I was obsolete,
You carved me when everyone thought me nothing,
You fashioned me when everyone thought I was too unpolished.
You smiled at me when everyone frowned at me,
You made me a light when everyone saw me as darkness,
You made me possible when everyone thought that was impossible.
You made me a Diamond,
Who would’ve ever thought that could happen?
Surely not me.
Now I’m left in the open for all to see.
It glows – my beauty, my prowess, my power, my resolve, my shine.
Diamond Maker,
Thank You for being mine.

Written by Amorelle Lewinson. ©2016. All rights reserved.


Safe Place… Diamond Series

I started out as a fragile thing,
Naïve, ignorant, immature fledgling,
Seeking simply for refuge, a place of safety,
Where no pain, hurt or sorrow could reach me.
And so it was, He lived up to His reputation.
He took me in, fixed me up, and made me a part of His holy nation.
He provoked the precious gem hidden in me to grow,
And through our partnership, my gifts began to flow.
But I was not prepared for the ensuing opposition,
Every size, shape and shade of nasty.
Could a ‘safe place’ really have such division?
Even some brothers and sisters were acting underhanded and crafty!
Why would they hate me for being me?
I wasn’t even the me I’d always wanted.
I was the me He wanted me to be.
But at every point of weakness, He offered His strength,
And slowly, I realized I could trust His help.
‘Til verbal spears would bounce right off me,
Critics and backbiters would follow shortly,
With every small victory, there was added a layer of fortitude,
And I funneled that strength into my “more than a conqueror attitude”.

******                                                                                                                                                     I can declare now that I am a fortress of God’s power.
Relentless, unyielding, indomitable; yet still a thing of beauty,
But my shine and luster are not from vanity,
They are my life’s testimony of every victory.
I have won through God,
Over soothsayers, naysayers, Judases and backstabbers a plenty.
I shine on, strong and bright, all for His Glory.
I am a Diamond – Yes I am,
I belong to the Diamond Maker – who is both Lion and Lamb.


Written by Kamal Fullwood.  ©2016.   All rights reserved. 

I asked one of my sons who is a brilliant poet (but has no time at the moment for poetry), to whip me up something for my “Diamond Series”. He came up with the above. One of the reasons I love this poem so much, is that it is (and still is) a glorious testimony of my own life indeed.  I hope you, my gorgeous reader enjoyed it:-)

Captive… Diamond Series

You always made me feel the worst,
I couldn’t understand why.
You always made me look the worst,
I couldn’t understand why.
You always belittled my efforts,
I couldn’t understand why.
You always told me ‘you’re nothing’,
I couldn’t understand why.
I lost the twinkle in my eyes,
The sparkle in my being,
The desires in my heart,
The shine from my – me.
Who am I, if I’m not who I believed I was?
What am I, if I’m not what I thought I was?
Why am I here – if not to glisten effortlessly?
Then I saw me through His eyes and everything changed.
Your insecurity had cemented me,
Your ego had coffined me,
Your lies had buried me
Your fear decomposed me.
You knew ALL along who I truly am – my worth,
You knew my value,
You knew my price,
You chose to hide it – so as to keep me your prisoner – slave – captive.
Well the game has changed.
I’m a prisoner no longer.
I know the Truth and He has set me free.
I am a diamond!
I belong to the Diamond Maker.
So now… Say something!
Go ahead – make a sly comment,
Dry humor, maybe some sarcasm?
Eh? What now?
That’s what I thought – silence!

Written by Amorelle Lewinson. ©2016. All rights reserved.

Say It Because It Is So!

I haven’t posted for a few days, but that’s because I have been so occupied with various projects. One of these projects includes one of my latest books that I co-authored with one of my spiritual daughters.  I am so proud of her. Sancia Stone is one of my ministry’s praise and worship leaders and a member of the Cave New Testament Church of God here in Jamaica. She is a great writer and I was privileged to share this project/journey with her.

This book “Say It Because It Is So – Exercising the power of my words” is part two of the series “Making My Mouth Work For Me”. It is a declaration book for you to daily use, so you can effect and enforce the change you want to see in your personal life, ministry, family and job.  It is simple, straightforward and savvy. It is for you. It is for me. This book works best with part one of the series “Say It Like It Is – Frame your world with your words”, but it is perfectly effective as a stand alone guide to prophesying your destiny into your life.

I know this book will work for you because it is flavored with the word of God and meditations of God. I know it will help your everyday life, ministry, work and family as you stand firm and flatfooted, speaking as the Lord speaks.  He tells us we shall decree a thing and he shall bring it to pass [Job 22:28]. That is his word and they cannot return to him void.  Upon that assurance we are guaranteed full victory. Hallelujah!

See a sample of our latest book here

Peruse this book.

Purchase if the sample seems like your forte.

Practice with firm commitment.

I do hope you guys will find enrichment, whether from the sample or the book itself. It is my desire to empower you through all my writings, (commercial and non-commercial alike) so you can empower those around you.

My blessings are with you.

Say It Is 2 Cover