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Appearances can truly be something.  This is an issue that is evident in my everyday life.  I am fairly small in body and  basically look like an average teenager or young adult.  So many times I am mistaken for lots of things I am not. I am always being misjudged, for one reason or another.  Let me give you two examples.

Story one: My husband and I was purchasing pizza one day, but the line was very long and all the seats were filled.  So since we had been walking around a bit the day, I was wary and of course – hungry.  So my husband’s lap seemed a good a place as any to rest while we wait for the pizza to come.  The security guard came over to me and with a look of annoyance commented: “Young girl, get up out of the man’s lap.  Don’t know what’s wrong with you kids these days.  Why can’t you just stand and wait like everyone else”. I laughed.  I am like seriously.  She probably believes I am so kind of upcoming or practising gold digger who is gnawing away at this man’s money and need to display an outward show of affection or passion to apease him for his torrential spending on me. Or maybe I am a rebellious teenager who should be home doing assignments or something like that. I don’t know. Good Lord!

Story two: I was attending my husband’s graduation ceremony and decided to just cuddle on him a little before his departure to the top of the room where I would not see him again, until the end of the usually long and overwhelming ceremony. So while I was there legally propped on my own husband’s shoulder, one of the ushers came over to me and retorts “Young lady, ease up off the gentleman.  Don’t you realise this is his graduation?   Why are you groping on him like that? What is wrong with you?  Leave the man alone”  dwl.  Good Lord! Can you believe it?  I had to answer this time.

I look at him with much attitude and remarked “Are you truly talking to me? My head cocked to one side,  brows turned up  towards the sky and face looking at him in awe at his insolence.  “I certainly am”  He responded with like attitude. I dug deep into my feisty chamber and said “Take a look at this! [holding up my ringer finger on my left hand], do you see this [now pointing at my ring finger of my left hand], this is solid 24 carat gold and all diamonds within.  It was placed on my finger by this man.  The man I am leaning on, or as you say, groping.  He is my husband. HUS-BAAA-NNDDD!”  His jaw fell.  “ohh-hhh, I am s-so-oo sorry, mam!  So sorry. I did not know”  He held his head embarrassingly low to the ground and slowly walked away.  I shook my head in triumph and with more attitude I said “uh huh, So you know.  That oughta hold ya.  Out of order!” {hissed teeth}  I was much less gentle then and needed lots of scrubbing by Jesus.  ha ha ha. Thank Jesus for His blood.  Boy has He loved me into change.

I realise that people tend to judge us by our appearances. I am so glad Jesus doesn’t.  If that was so, David would’ve never been anointed.  He never looked like his brothers, never smelled like them either.  He was sheep-scented and young. Quite young.  God chose him because of his heart and not his clothes or looks. Thank goodness.  I think that is why people are amazed when I minister because they can’t envision this “young little girl” with such a big heart and voice.  It NEVER EVER fails to amaze me when I hear “You are a small axe but you certainly know how to fall many big trees”.  I hear that so often.  Its now become sort of a benediction for me, trust me:-)   They always seem to forget that “God’s grace and anointing + my willingness and obedience =  Endless Possibilities”.  It has nothing to do with my looks or size.

Judging people because of how they look is just totally wrong.  Allow your background conversation to be positive and without judgement when you first come into contact with anyone who does not look the part you expect.  That will translate to your actual words and actions towards them.  Jesus tells us do not judge less you yourself be judged.  Remember the rejected shepherd boy you overlook today, may just be the king that will rule over you tomorrow.