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You are Rich. Fullstop!

Hello lovely,

I write this post with a split heart so to speak. A part of my heart is happy, another part is sad. There are issues in my life, that’s really hurting – that’s the sad part, but at the same time, there are issues that have shown me, I have every reason to be happy because I am so rich.

Lemme explain.
Today I was feeling a little down… nah, a lot down. Someone messaged me, who knew I was down. The person, never stopped trying until I smiled. I said to the individual, “thanks because that made me smile”. The person responded “I live to make you smile”. 

The words brought me to tears. In that moment, I realized yet again, how very rich and blessed I am, to have persons who truly love me. This was not always so. But God… I may not have a ton of money to buy things I believe I want, however, I am so blessed to have persons who love me… for me, the real me – flaws and ALL!   I am blessed to have persons who would drop their day to the ground, to ensure my day is lifted to the skies. What a privilege! 

I began to say, “I’m so rich, thank you Jesus”.  I thank God, that riches have very little to do with money. Riches have pretty much to do with contentment and appreciation for what you do have (including relationships) and how you take care of it.

You are richer than you think. Do you have a child that runs to you when you get home because they’re happy to see you (even if in two minutes you feel like they’re driving you crazy), that’s riches! Do you have a dog/cat who does that for you and not a child? That’s riches! Do you have a tv you can watch (even though it begins watching you within minutes), that’s riches! Are you able to breathe in and out without a machine of any kind? That’s riches! (With all the air around us, some cannot get any to breathe).   Do you sleep in a bed (comfortable or uncomfortable), that’s riches! (Many persons can’t sleep because of illnesses or problems). Are you divorced and happy? That’s riches! (you made a bold move for your health, happiness and future).   Did your business fail and now you’re at home? That’s riches! (Regardless of the expenses you have to cover, you have time to rest and truly find a niche that’s gonna work this time around, because you won’t make the same mistakes twice).   The fact that you’re reading this, you’re rich because you have internet connection of some kind to be able to see this post. 
No matter how bad the situation, if you look with a different pair of glasses, you will find riches hidden somewhere in it.

My friend I do not know what your problems are, how huge they are, or when they’ll go away. I can tell you however, if you begin to look beyond them to some simple pleasures you have in your life, you’ll realize you’re richer than you think.

©2016. Amorelle.

Never Be Ashamed 

Never be ashamed of your history, 
From some it should be hidden like a mystery.


Never be ashamed of your progress,  Even though some will see it as you trying to impress.

Never be ashamed of your mess,   

If you’ve used them to pass life’s tests.


Never be ashamed of who you’ve become,

If you’ve allowed your trials to help you overcome.


Never be afraid to laugh in spite of your pain,

Dance through your thundering rain,

Let your enemies think you are insane.


Never be ashamed to shine bright like the diamond you are,

Cause you know, it’s only His mercies, why you’ve made it this far.

Written by Amorelle Lewinson. ©2016.