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Note to Self…

The worst thing you can do in your life is to feel sorry for yourself,  to the point of nothingness. Pity parties should  only be attended for a moment not a lifetime.

When bad things happen, remember that they cannot over power you. The power they have, is that which you relinquish.

Use your God-given skills, relationships, power and resources to turn a bad thing into a lesson to learn and move on. Yes. Let go off the bad and MOVE ON!

Do not focus on the negatives. Anything you give your attention, will automatically get your focus. Anything that gets your focus, gets your thoughts, words, feelings and emotions. So shift your focus from the problems to the Problem Solver.
Dictate to life. After all life was given to you to be lived. Live your life. Do not let life be lived in for you.
©2016 Amorelle. 



I stumbled upon this beautiful pic and just had to share. It reminds me of what Jesus told me a few weeks ago, while in the midst of intense trials. Okay, lemme back up a bit.

A few months ago I went through a very, very, very challenging period in my life. I call it “my prison pit period”. *Shudders as eerie music plays and halts suddenly*  It lasted approximately five months with the last three weeks being the worst of all. It is dwindling right now, but still not completely over. I didn’t know I could’ve survived. I expressed it in my poetic devotional book “Embrace Me” and showed how God brought me through is bringing me through. This book means so much to me, and the lessons I learnt are so valuable, that I want to make it free for all to have in their possession (as soon as I figure out how – really trying to figure out how to do so).  Right now you can grab a copy for less than the price of your coffee :-).

Anywhoooo, in the midst of all the drama and persistent tears, the Lord told me:

“I have given you wings with which to fly, use them”.

“Aum, what Lord?”

Honestly, I still am uncertain what he meant when he told me. (I feel like the disciples who kept hearing: “I’m, going to die and be raised again three days later” and never understood even after he did die – clueless). Yet something about that pic, feels like what I think he must have meant (still do mean?).

So I wanted to share it with you gorgeous readers.

My interpretation of it goes something like this: Don’t be afraid to try (something new or a new way of doing an old thing), you might find if you fall/fail, its the perfect position from which you can learn to fly.

~Love and Blessings