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Rule Your World

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Our words have such power.  The bible tells us that we call those things that are not as though they are which simply means we form our world with our words.  I have evidence that this is true.  However we do suffer mishaps from time to time and say the wrong stuff.

Case in point my three year old. He gives me a warm time (understatement) trying to prove that he’s 31 and I am 3.  Apparently he birthed me.  [Crazed Sigh]   I find myself constantly saying “Nathan-Andrew just does not listen to me!”  or “He’s so disobedient”  or “Boy what is the matter with you?  Are you crazy or something?”  or “Boy, I just don’t know what to do about you…you’re driving me crazy!”

The Lord began to deal with me about the words that are flowing, spilling and gushing out of my mouth regarding my son.  One minute I am praying about him being a man of God, a mighty warrior for Jesus, a man of integrity, the head and not the tail and whatnot, then when I get irritated I’m spewing stuff like ‘Lord have mercy, I can’t bother with you at all’ and any other minor craziness that flows out of my aggravation when he refuses to listen to me.

Its not easy realising the error of our ways but I am glad for the Lord’s chastening.  Whew! Thank God or else I would not be changing into His image and mindset.  I would still be selfish, self-centered and serving my flesh. So I have decided and have been trying to practice a different route based on the prophetic power of words.

So when I get upset, annoyed and aggravated, my words are now and shall be “Nathan-Andrew, you are always listening!”  and “boy, you hear so well even demons are afraid to hang around you fear you hear them and bind them up”  and “You are always putting away your toys”  and “NJ you do not annoy the daylights out of me at all” and “NJ you are so obedient it mystifies me”. 

See I understand that God has designed us to rule the earth – atmosphere and all.  He says the highest heaven belongs to Him but the earth He has given us to rule.  RULE YOUR WORLD WITH YOUR WORDS!  Instead of professing facts, prophesy seeds of truth. It will produce a tree of truth later on in life. The Lord has destined the universe to line up for you when you speak to it especially speak His words with power and authority.  As a child of the God of this earth, it is your divine right to design your life with your mouth as He did millions of years ago to the planets stars and galaxies .  How many persons are suffering now because of words they continued to profess years before?  “phew, I’m never getting married” / “my life will never change” / “I am always sick” / “I’ll never find a good mate” / “I’ll never go to college” / “I’ll never lose weight” / “I’ll never have money”.

Change your words!

“My business will thrive” / ” My children will be successful in all they do”. / “My ministry will flourish with integrity and principle” / “I am blessed immensely and purposefully” /  “My marriage will prosper and be an example for all around me to emulate”  /  “My friends are faithful and honourable”  /  “My name (____________) is associated with integrity, fruitfulness and love” / “I am fearfully and wonderfully made”  /  “I am not a renter but a homeowner” /  “I am a wise investor”  / “I am a master at my particular skill and art” /  “I am a Mountain mover”  / “I am a problem solver” / “My brain operates at optimal speed and functionality so I remember all I study” / “I have favour and influence everywhere I go” / “Righteousness is my ruler and peace is my governor” / “I am healthy and whole and will remain that way”

Allow your words to be faith-filled and form the kind of environment you desire to be your habitat.  Your working with God will produce the life you were destined to live. That is the important chain in the link.  Remember prosperity of soul and spirit is a divine design but its manifestation is personal decision.

Try practicing it for 21 days despite the difficulties, doubts and dismay that will arise when you begin the declarations. Do it nonetheless and watch the difference it first makes mentally then, eventually the world around you. Many blessings.

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Freedom?? Really???


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Freed or Slaved
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Guys, I happened across this wonderful post by Joseyphina from blog address: http://joseyphina.wordpress.com/

I believe it is so true I had to reblog.  Check out her blog, its good.  Thanks Josephyina .

“Faces lit up with the mention of ‘freedom
People have laid down their lives for the sake of liberty;
But are we really free?

What is slavery?

              It is handing over your will to or being under the control of someone or something;

Slavery of  today is not being bound by physical chains;
Today, it’s more of being influenced by our own desires;

By being ‘free’, we find ourselves enslaved to our own pleasures;
Getting entangled by doing what we think we are free to do;
It’s like being a slave to one’s own self.

By declaring ourselves free, we have bound ourselves to something more
Dangerous and powerful;
Something we cannot see with our naked eyes;

No one is totally free;
We always end up being under the control of something;
Why not be a slave to righteousness rather than to sin?

After all, there is a reward to everything;
Being enslaved to righteousness is paid with eternal life;
And that to sin with death;

Who would choose death over life?
No one in his right senses would;
But not everyone is, being enslaved to his lustful desires.

Surrender your will to the Lord who will never lead you astray;
And the best part is, there are no side-effects!
What are you waiting for?!”

Carry Them Out!

Obeying God is vitally important to not just to our lives but to those around us whether we realize it or not.

A few years ago I was in  a worship service at church.  in the midst of it all, the Lord said to me “Lie down on the ground and worship me”.  I didn’t feel like it. Everyone knows me as one who usually lies or bows in worship but this particular evening, I didn’t want to at all.  I have no idea why but, I surely did not feel like it and did not want to do it at all. Sigh..

Nonetheless after wrestling a bit I went down in worship.  While I was going down on the floor, I vaguely noticed one of our young ladies at the back  sitting on the floor in the walkway.  I overlooked her and and went prostrate on the floor and adored my Jesus. After a few minutes well, the Lord said to me “You can get up now”  so I did… much to my pleasure.

When the service was dismissed, I was standing outside when a young lady walked up to me and said “Why did you lie on the floor during worship?”  I replied “Because God told me to do so”. She shook her head and half smiled.  “What’s the prob?” I investigated. She explained, “When the worship got intense, I felt within my spirit that I was to stretch myself on the floor in worship to God but I was so scared.  I wanted to do it so much but complete fear overtook me.  Fear of what people will think, fear of how it will look, fear if I am sensing correctly in ma spirit…just utter devastating fear. As a matter of fact, I was so convinced, I  should do it that I went as far as to sit on the floor but just froze there and couldn’t go any further to actually lie down.  Then as I sat there frozen to the ground, I noticed you lying down and all my fears dissipated.  I immediately went down and I felt so free in my spirit and I know, I was doing the right thing and that this is really what I should have been doing all along”.  I smiled.  She added “Thanks. Thanks for obeying God so that my fears could leave me and I could feel free”.  “Your welcome”  I responded.

After she left, I thought to myself, “would you look at that.  My obedience in doing what I did not want to, was not even for me, but was to set someone else free”.  [That’s powerful!]

My friend, it doesn’t matter how silly, simple or senseless, the instructions of the Lord appear to be, CARRY THEM OUT!  It is better to obey God than anything else you can think of. Many times, your own ideas of why he wants a thing and His are completely different. I have found out the why is not as important as the when {even though in some instances not even the when is germane to the instruction as the actual act}.  Instead of debating and deliberating “why Lord” just say “when Lord?. When do you want me to carry out your instruction Jesus?  Now? Ok then, now it is” and just move to His request. You’ll find out at the end of the day that your obedience not only works in keeping you in His favour but brings someone else in His favour to their freedom.  What an awesome God!

The Friend Search [Part 4]

For some reason I seem to be stuck on the issue of friendship.  The more I write, the more I realize what a precious commodity having a true friend really is in this day and age.  Now I want to show you how letting go off the past into forgiveness can truly bring you the blessing you are praying to receive.

So picking up from a section of the post “The Friend Search Part 2”.  The Lord told me to stay in Bible College even though I didn’t want to, since I found out that they only did intro to Psychology and not straight psychology.  The worst thing about it is that the Lord also told me that I would meet my husband there.  What? I was not necessarily enthused at that comment. I had just terminated an awful relationship that was filled with deceptions and lies and I was dealing with rejection from my church and all kinds of craziness which caused me to develop a new philosophy “MEN ARE EVIL AND AWFUL. THEY ARE LIARS AND DECEIVERS AND I WANT NONE OF THEM – EVER!”  Therefore I was not amused hearing about meeting and finding a husband and whatnot in a place I did not even want to stay. *Sigh* Anyway after being in school, temporarily moving out of my mom’s home to a friend’s (because of the sore disappointment my relationship had caused her), over working on the job so I could bury my brokenness, being told to kill myself because of all the horror I was under going and an endless torment and torture of my head and heart, I met this young man in my second year of college who I was not interested in at all.  

My first impression was that he was quite handsome but that was it.  In my head he was not my kind of guy, furthermore I wanted no one so he was neither here nor there for me. Since I would ride with them to go home from school, he would mess with me constantly, asking me questions, nagging me and stuff. I was like “what the heck is wrong with this dude?”  To know a little more about our strange romance check out the post “Fact keeper or truth seeker 2” .

When I finally decided to give him the time of day, it became increasingly difficult for us – well for him.  I had being so deceived that I didn’t want to trust guys anymore. I secretly went through his phone a few times (but stopped after my distrust caused me to repeat a suspicious text and a great disagreement ensued). When he would tell me he’s at a particular place, I would have a severe time believing.  Sometimes, I even pondered secretly going to the location, just to check if he was actually there. We lived miles from each other and that just amplified the complication of the whole dating process. I remember once he said to me: “why are you using your ex’s fat to fry my fish?”  I didn’t see it as that. I was just careful. Truth be told, I just couldn’t believe he was as decent and honest as he appeared.   As the days went by and we spoke I realized he was a very caring person.  That I couldn’t deny.  As we sat to enjoy ice cream he gently whispered: “You know all I want is for you to just have a little faith in me; a teeny weeny bit.  I am not asking for much, just a little.  If I fail after you do, then you can forget us all together”.  He was so tender, kindhearted and sincere. Something broke in me that day and I agreed. 

So little by little I cautiously began to trust him.  To be honest, it was a challenging process.  Everything in me was saying he’s a lying, little dirty &%#@ but God kept pressing on me to work with the process. Then in a most unexpected turn of events while intimately conversing with the Lord, He told me, this guy is the one he designed for me and will be my husband.  “What? but he’s not my type.  He’s sweet and all, but totally not my kind a guy” I retorted. You would think I would’ve learnt from what “my type” just put me through. For days, I objected and remonstrated greatly.   Weeks later I went back to God about this matter. I got the same response: “he is your husband”.  I was still hoping God was humoring me so a few weeks later I prayed again and again. I got the same answer again and again. It was hard to believe in this guy since the previous one was supposed to be a man of God (titles and all) but was unveiled to be a womanizing jerk.  Albeit, as I looked deeper at him, I recognized he emitted what a true man of God should look like: gentle, kind, compassionate, truthful and seriously… GODLY!  He became my friend.  A great friend.  I realized that as a friend he cared – about me.  *wow*  I really couldn’t believe that he did.  So I slowly began to fall for him. That’s not true. I fell hard. Amazingly hard.  I started to choose to forget about my past and all the nightmares I underwent with my ex. 

Orlando not only became a real friend but two years later became my husband who loves me as Jesus loves the church.  I chose to let go off my past into forgiveness and allowed my heart to love again.  I realize its so hard to carry the burdens of time past. Yes it hurts and yes it’s unfair but it’s also cumbersome, oppressive, distasteful (to others) and really really weighty.  It has the power to prevent progress, purpose and preferment.  

No they don’t deserve it after all they did to you but Just Let Go! Forgive! Move on!  You’ll find out all along the real prisoner was you.

Orlando allowed all my garbage to be the fertilizer for the growth and development of a wonderful friendship which ultimately led our thriving marriage. God answered the prayer of my heart for true friends.  It took a while but He did. In this situation, it took me letting go off past hurts into forgiveness to manifest it.  I remind you yet again: don’t reject anyone because a person’s thorns may be just what you need to unveil your own rose that is hidden inside of you.

The Friend Search [Part 1]

I believe one of the greatest gifts that God has given us is the ability to have relationships – of all kind. Social, business, emotional, spiritual, psychological, work…you name it, its just great.  As a child however, I faced a grave problem. For some reason I just couldn’t make and keep friends. *Sigh* You know from my childhood into adolescence, there were other kids who I said were my friends but now that I do have real friends, I realized they were truly not my friends at all.

For example, I recognized that some of these friends loved people with money.  So in order to be in their group I began to steal my grandmother’s pension.  (Thank God for Jesus who saved my wretched soul).  They did not know where I was getting the money I must say, but the point is when I ran out they left. A mean, they just left me all alone.  So of course the most natural and logical thing I did was to steal more in order to be in the group.   When all that stopped (cause my mom found out and thoroughly thrashed my behind properly), I was without yet again.  At times, my friend would set up other classmates against me because I was out of money.  So there would be periods when the entire class maliced me because the class bully (who was my “friend”) told them not to speak to me.

As I got older I realized that my maturity of speech in relation to my actual age brought a different type of problem which also made me friendless.  People felt I was pompous and pugnacious and so I was yet again friend deficient.  I was too young to be an adult and too old to be a teenager.  It was quite stressful and depressing.  When I did find a friend they liked me only for my bold outspokenness in order to speak on their behalf (which would get me in trouble then they would leave me) or for my brain to do their school work (which when I refused to be used, they would leave me also).

To make matters worst, I went to a prejudiced all girls high school.  Black skin (chocolate black) was not acceptable socially so it was just my whole educational abilities that landed me there.  I was discriminated, mocked and ridiculed more by the neighbouring boy school than the students themselves in my school, but it was still horrible socially attending that school. In the class system, I was at the bottom because I was not rich and of course my complexion. It felt awful.   Upon leaving I received a scholarship and when I arrived at my new location hoping for a fresh start nothing much changed along the friendship line. I just wanted someone who could be a true friend and loved me for  me – all my flaws, all my insecurities, everything! Just like me for me. *Sigh*  I had a “relationship-ish” with Jesus but I didn’t know Him as a friend.  I attended church and was integrally involved, a passionate Christian but I truly did not know God.

When I returned home from studying, the Lord sent me to a young lady in our church to ask her help in completing a project He had asked me to do.  I was most annoyed because I did not like her.  She liked my boyfriend at the time and that was not going down well with me at all. I totally rejected and loathed the idea of working with her. I begged the Lord to send me to somebody else…anybody else. I told Him how much I despised her for wanting my guy, but He instructed and said nothing further.  After many tears, with a heavy, irritated, heart, I obeyed, went to her and told her what God said.  She was quite willing and warm which severely aggravated me because I wanted her to just say one thing wrong so I could just tell her off.  I even rehearsed the things I would say to her but man, she did not at all say anything bad.  We spoke neutrally and then began working together.

You know, every time I tell this story, it puts a smile on my face.  That young lady became the first true friend I ever had.  We still are friends today and this was 12 years ago. We are like sisters. She nurtured me to a foothold in God and now I am doing the same for her. I do not have a sister but our friendship taught me what it would be like to have one. I do thank God she is in my life. Together Christine and I completed the project and won young people for Jesus. *Awesome*  Shortly after, the guy (my so-called boyfriend which she liked – she admitted it), left the church when she and I became engulfed in God and we never heard from him again.  So much for that!

My friend, do not reject anyone because of your own feelings, thoughts, facts or even actual true knowledge of them.  A person’s thorns may be just what you need to unveil your own rose that is hidden inside of you.