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How could You?

Guys, I couldn’t resist this one… An oldie. Hope it blesses you all.

Amorelle - Just Keeping it Real

Christ Crucifiedimage reblogged from: Soaring Eagle Christ Crucified
image reblogged from: Soaring Eagle

How could You do it? When you knew it would cost everything?

It was brutal, murderous and shameful, that treatment was not suitable for my King.

Oh the hurt, the pain, the agony, So I could know You,

And reign with You in eternity.

Jesus carrying our sinsimage by: jesussavesministry.wordpress.com Jesus carrying our sins
image by: jesussavesministry.wordpress.com

How could You? When You knew I didn’t deserve your love?

Your passion and gentleness? You were as harmless as a Dove.

Yet through Your hands they drove nails, Oh, it makes my body quails,

To think of Your sacrifice, And that is why its You alone I hail.

Jesus nails Nails through His hands
image by: Goodsalt.com

Glory to Jesus!

His Obedience – Just for us.

Obedience for usimage by: kevinnunez.org Obedience for us
image by: kevinnunez.org

Your sacrifice was awful, But I am thankful,

Because if it wasn’t for You, I’d have no hope of salvation,


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These last few days have been hectic. I am in Orlando for the TD Jake’s International Pastors and Leadership Conference at the Orange County Convention Centre and the Rosen Centre respectively. It was hectic but great. I’m SO tired. Now heading out of Orlando for some me time and to finally get some rest … Whew. Thank God for his blessings on me.




Went to the ORLANDO EYE today… smile. Only fun place I went for the time I’ve been here. Had a good time. New York, here I come.




Just Do It [part two]

When God tells you to do something, no matter how ridiculous it may seem, Just do it!


A few years ago, I was instructed by the Lord to go to the internet and download air fare prices to US and begin to pray over them daily. I thought it was the craziest thing.  My US visa had expired years prior and I had no intention of travelling to the US anytime soon.

Nonetheless, that May I did what I was instructed and I looked up every airline I could fine that traveled from Jamaica to the US and vice versa, downloaded the prices and began praying over those papers.  I felt so silly but did it nonetheless.  About early July, the “craziness” of it all overtook me and I stopped praying.  It’s just that all the praying to me was ridiculous when nothing visible was happening and I saw no way to go to the US – At All! The visa application expenses were humongous and I had too much going on to think of that; plus airfare and all these things.  So I figured, it must have been my mind playing tricks on me and I stopped praying.

About mid July, a few of the teens in my church won a national contest and the finals were international and held in the US. Everybody began making plans to attend (except me). I even helped with the planning. Suddenly my pastor (who was attending) said it was going to be too challenging for her to manage all the young people on her own so she would like me to attend. What? Oh my God! I didn’t see how that was possible at all – financially.  She encouraged me to be hopeful and said she would do her best to help.

Within two weeks all the paper works were finished, US visa renewed, Airfare to Los Angeles gathered, Greyhound Money gathered, accommodation expense gathered, all the other travelling money gathered (including shopping) and I was in Tennessee. It all happened so fast. Fun thing is, the only money that came from my pocket was US $80.  The parents of those going, my mom, my pastor and a few others around me who knew just chipped in an gave me money – without me asking. In less than two weeks I collected almost US$1200. In Jamaica that is almost $125,000. UNBELIEVABLE!

When on the plane, I began crying in gratitude to God and He reminded me of his instructions to me months before.  He said “I asked you to pray about this long before you even had any idea you would be here right now because I knew everything would have to be quick and you would be too overwhelmed to pray effectively and achieve immediate results.  All you always need to do my child is just obey whether you understand or not.  My thoughts for you are always good”.

I knew then more than ever that obedience is especially important.  Its even more essential when it seems ridiculous and silly. Anything God tells you to do, just do it.  You have no idea how you are shaping your future and that of others.

What do you need to do that you are contemplating instead of obeying His instructions?


~Airwayz 2013~




\Welcome on board 2013 Airwayz, Flight 365 Days.  I believe you have your tickets already checked and stamped by PRAYER.

We’ll be flying at 100% success level and 100,000 ft above failure. Tighten your seatbelt and relax as we are about to take off with pilot JESUS CHRIST on route 2014 Airport International.

As part of this flight complementary package, we shall be stopping over at:
Divine Breakthrough Borders,
Unparalleled Prosperity Place,
Anointing Avenue,
Divine Favor Facilities,
Joy City
Love Lighthouse,
Patience Palace,
Wisdom Way,
Abundant Blessings Bridge and finally land at 2014 Airport International.

Please ensure you take treasures from all these locations, since there is no limit on what you can carry from them as luggage to 2014 Airport International.

You and your family will surely land safely at 2014  Int’l Airport since this flight has a safety record of 100%.

Your departing gate title is PURPOSE and forget about checking in long lines at DELAY area. Since you have overcome 2013 failures and trials, you can head straight on to VICTORY department, where unnecessary waiting, delay and depression are never allowed.

Your meal on this flight will be the sumptuous and filling WORD OF GOD.

Enjoy the ride in Jesus name and remember to keep your SEAL OF THE HOLY GHOST visible to hand to your flight attendant when we land, so your transition to 2014 Airport International can be a smooth and easy one.

Now please, sit and buckle up in Ephesians 6 paying special attention to rules 13 – 18.

We know you will not fly with us again on this particular flight, but we hope to have you fly with us to 2015 International Airport in December.

We are honored to have you. May God bless you.

Dead Weight

image by: propercourse.blogspot.com

As I have finished one week of my vacation here in New York, something occurred to me that made me smile a bit. Coming from the tropical paradise of Jamaica, this type of temperature is not welcomed and comfortable to me in the least bit.  Yes I have travelled in the cold before, but that was years ago and I totally was not prepared mentally and especially physically for the harsh conditions that I would face at all.

My first few days were brutal and I even seriously pondered forwarding my ticket and spending only one week instead of two.  My family talked me out of it… (glad they did).  Needless to say, since this vacation was not a shopping one, I was even wondering why on earth should I stay for two weeks when I’m freezing my tusche off, which was causing major pains and annoyances all over my other body parts.

I was advised to layer…layer I did.  Somehow, though, I just couldn’t get warm. A few tops, plus sweater, plus outer sweater plus bottoms and two pairs of socks and it still felt like I was sitting in an icebox – inside the apartment. I was having no fun.  It never occurred to me that my body needed time to adjust to such a climate since it was not native to me. I moaned and complained and even at times regretted my decision to vacation in the winter (although due to certain circumstances I almost had no choice).

After sitting down and analysing all that was happening, I began to realise that apart from my body needing to adjust, the stuff i had on, were not made of the proper type of materials needed to keep me warm and cozy.  It’s like the difference between cotton (cool) and fleece (warm).  My fabrics were not suitable for this weather. So although I was well layered, instead of doing the job of keeping me warm, they kinda became aggravating dead weight to me that served no purpose. So, I ran to a local store and picked up a few fuzzy socks, winter tights, and whipped out the proper sweaters and jackets. Then VOILA… hello warmth. On top of that my ‘Moma’ got a mini heater for my room for when its extra cold and I don’t wanna pad too much on the inside.

This all made me think:

So many times we have stuff carrying around that we believe are helpful to us, when in essence they contribute nothing to our cause. They burden us rather than assist us.  They are dead weight.  Aren’t those the kinda weights that beset us? Now that I have the right stuff, even though I am still layered, its a whole new feeling. This kinda weight is helping me, so it is not burdensome in anyway.  I totally feel light despite the layers. Its like what Jesus says “…His burden is light” and I totally agree.

Its like the difference between carrying around the burden of compassion to the burden of bitterness.  One helps us to be “heart healthy” so it kinda becomes light, while the other keeps us in bondage so it becomes painfully heavy.   Some burdens are worth carrying while others? NNN…Not so much. Smile.  I’d much rather carry the burden of love and joy than hatred and unforgiveness. Nonetheless, Jesus says to cast our cares on Him…that means all our burdens too.  So at the end of the day I’d much rather rely on Him to carry them for me regardless of what type they are…

How about you?

All He Desires.

ok…  so vacation is over and it was super great.  Refreshing and wonderful.  Jesus surely knows how to refresh the weary and satisfy the faint. smile.

However, now I am in a tussle with God about something.  Writing.   Writing??  Yes, writing – a book.

God keeps telling me to write this book that I don’t want to write because of what happened a few years ago with the first one I wrote. He told me to write the previous one and I was surely possessed by a “writing spirit” because I wrote the entire book in about two weeks. I am a writer point blank of songs, poems, stories you name it. I’m always writing but because he told me to do that one in particular, inspired me, gave me the name and everything I thought for sure it’s one that would be quickly published and be a best seller in no time.   So with that book, I wrote day and night. In the shower, in the kitchen, in the car, on the road… whew, it was crazy awesome.  Words wouldn’t stopped coming.  In bed, in the bank, in my sleep, when I ate – good Lord! I am telling you I wrote the entire two hundred and whatnot pages in two weeks.  TWO WEEKS!!!

I was so sure, God would send me an editor, arrange a publisher and you know make some divine connections and by now BAM! my book would be out there. Whaa-whaaaa… Nothing. I fasted and prayed and  everything…still nothing.  I can’t find US$7000 to get it published and whatnot so I just believed God was gonna do something supernatural to get it done.  Psshhh.  Nothing!  I did all I could to get it edited by qualified persons and then tried to have it self-published at a lower cost, still nothing worked.

So it’s now sitting on my shelf raw and untamed. Sigh.  Now I hear God telling me to write another one.  I really don’t want to do it. Seriously.

So I began arguing with Him again about it this morning. I told Him, I really didn’t want to, but I will obey, simply because he keeps “bugging” me about it.

Me: “God, I really don’t want to do it” Face screwed up in a knot “I just believe You’re gonna allow me to write it and then have it placed on my book case like decoration like what happened with the first one.  Its been there almost 5 years now”. I whined while shaking my head.

Him: “I only asked you to write. I never told you it would be published right away.  Did I?”

Me all defensive: “No, but, but, why write a book and leave it there for no one to see it, read it or be affected by what’s inside? That’s ridiculous and unnecessary” I retorted while pouting strongly.

Him: “Obedience to My instruction is better that understanding them. I would much rather a kicking screaming obedient child than a content rebellious one.  See,  if I ask you to push against a large rock that’s all I expect. Just push. You might think that the rock will move and even get upset when it doesn’t while I never said it would move.  I simply asked you to push it.  My intention is probably to get you to build muscles not move the rock.  After pushing for a while you may get frustrated and aggravated when the object refuses to move, all the time not noticing that although it isn’t moving an inch, on the other hand, you are.  You’re arms and leg muscles have gotten stronger, larger and more powerful but you failed to notice, because you had preconceived notions concerning why I told you to push the rock”.

I was outsmarted, outwitted and outdone – as usual!  Long sigh.

Me: “Well, humph….”  twisted eyebrows, breaking voice and melting heart. “How was I supposed to know that?”

He smiled and in a tone of voice as cool, calm and collected as ever, he gently answered: “It’s ok my love.   Just trust me. All things you need to know, you’ll know in due time”

Me feeling much humbled and worst – loved, by His sweet response whispered: “ok Daddy. Ah… I’ll try to just listen and follow without having my own ideas of what you want or intend. Sigh.  That’ really kinda hard knowing the kind of person I am, [moaned sigh] but I’ll try”.

Him: “That’s all I desire”

My friend, that is all Jesus desires…. that we do our best to love Him enough to simply obey Him. 

1 Samuel 15: 22-23 “Do you think all God wants are sacrifices— empty rituals just for show?  He wants you to listen to him! Plain listening is the thing…. Not doing what God tells you  is far worse than fooling around in the occult…”   [Message Bible]

Fact Keeper or Truth Seeker? Part 1

Love is wonderful yet terrible thing.  If you have ever been hurt by someone then you can understand that statement.  Before meeting my husband I had the Devil’s brother for a boyfriend [soon to be husband] or so I had thought.

I met someone who I was certain was sent by God.  Man, we were in love but now I reminisce and realize we were actually “in lust”. Lol.  Anyway, it never ended so well as I found out that this guy graduated Magna cum laude from “The School For Compulsive Liars”.   The relationship that started out as a simple friendship ended in brokenness and tears.

I decided I did not want anybody in my life after all I underwent. Seriously being rejected by my church and friends due this relationship. I had so much pent up pain, hurt and regrets inside of me that I could not function within my destiny.  Felt like the entire world had turned against me.  I would leave work late in the nights and leave for work early so I never had the chance to encounter anyone. I eventually had to leave my church to go to an unknown church that God had shown and sent me and that’s where I was healed and delivered so that my life could go on purposefully.  That took almost a year and just when I was comfortably thankful in this new church family and was being drafted to sing on the worship team [which was a huge deal] and do other stuff within that church, the Lord told me it was time to return to my old church to “forgive and mend the shattered past I had left there”. I thought to myself  “Just kill me Jesus rather than sentencing me to such cruelty”.  You cannot begin to imagine how difficult that was for me to return after the way they had treated me. Good Lord!  I tarried for weeks. I DID NOT WANT TO RETURN – I WAS TOTALLY BITTER AGAINST THEM.

You need to understand the public humiliation and disgrace they caused in my life. Let me give you one scenario:  While I was dating the guy the then pastor, went on the podium just before public service was closed and just announced “Well, today we will choose a new youth leader, Family Life Ministry secretary and Choir leader”  Those were all positions I held within the church. Just like that.  Nobody had called me in a private meeting to brief me that this was going to be done and so tell me to be prepared or something like that. My church family began looking at me some nodding approvingly, while others clapped and some just stared at me and laughed while the visitors were wondering what in earth is happening.  Then the gossiping and pointing of finger in my direction began. You see, they all believed my behaviour with this guy was inappropriate and so I should be relieved of those positions and that is the procedure that the process took. Smile, Amazing.  Funny thing is, it so happened that the guy’s car broke down at my gate after a date and was there for a while since the part that he needed to fix it, he did not get and was told he had to wait for at least 3 days before it would arrive. He said a wrecking service would be too expensive (which is honestly true) so he parked it in my yard and left it there. In reality the part actually took a whole week so He was not at my house but his car was in my yard. My mom was away on vacation and so only my friend (who is 10 years my senior) and I were home. You could see how the wrong conclusions could have been drawn. Easily!

Albeit nobody bothered to even ask me what was going on.  I made sure the guy never even visited during this time nor did we go out together, fearing someone would see and have more ammunition with which to shoot me.  That didn’t matter.  I was coffined for that act of foolishness [allowing his car to be left there for such a long time] and buried for unrighteousness and immorality – of course.

You know, I have learnt a lot from my experiences in life, negative and positive alike.  One of the greatest  is “things are not always as they appear to be”.  Watching movies like, CSI, Law and Order also NCIS have taught me that too.  Sometimes, even when the apparent evidence tells one story, the truth is always usually hidden below the surface.

The same applies to God’s word – The Bible. I have come to realize that many people read the bible but never actually “RE-EE-AD THE BIBLE”.  God’s truth/ revelation is usually hidden beneath the surface of the words. It has to be unveiled and revealed. That comes through a deep searching for Him not just the facts or evidences of what was read. So you can have people who know their bible in verbatim but don’t believe in the Author of the bible.  They have no revelation of the truth because they never left the surface to find the Truth-Teller. So they make their own deductions and judgments simply off facts and not truth. Fact is never the best place to stop.  Seek the truth. Jesus is the Way to truth while being Truth in and of himself.  That’s awesome!  So when you find Him, you’ve literally found it all.

Let me encourage you today to get deeper into whatever venture you are involved. Push yourself. There is a level greater than fact.  It’s called truth. Remember, things are not always as they appear to be. So tell me are you a truth seeker or a fact keeper?