*Vision Centre Institute*

After years of backing and forthing, stressing and regressing, I am about to do one of my life’s goals.   I have finally done one of my life’s goals. This is to open up a Christian Educational Institution in my locale, that will help individuals especially young people find and develop their purposes.

It is a dream that has been long affirmed, awaited and anticipated.

The www.visioncentreinstitute.com will provide affordable, quality education in a godly manner that will help individuals gain a sense of direction and purpose for their lives or enhance and mature the purpose for their lives.

We hope to begin our online classes and onsite classes at the centre simultaneously. We are waiting with abated breaths the development of this facet of the project similarly. It is such a milestone that I really wanted to share it with you guys so you can see our progress thus far. God has truly been amazing through this all.

I really want to thank my team for working tirelessly with me on this project especially Samique and Shavel. I also want to laud Jonice who gave me the push after hearing her own dreams being put to the test, Tymor for enabling my technical foundation for this project and finally Tony (my blogging buddy) who told me from last year: “Go for it Amo, you can do it”.  I do remember Tony and although I didn’t go last year, I held those words and now, its coming to pass. What a wonderful God. There are many persons who affirmed and encouraged me along the way without even knowing they were.  Thanks to you all.

Please check out our site (and share please) also pray for our progress that the will and purposes of God on this project will be accomplished and He will be glorified in every way.

My thanks and blessings to you all.


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