Today my son did an injustice to my hair care products. I was so pensive – so deep in thoughts, I didn’t even quarrel. I was tired too and really did not want to exert the energy even though I was a little annoyed at what he did. After he confessed, in a calm collected manner, I told him, “it’s alright, put them down, just don’t trouble them again”.

He looked at me and continued telling me what he did, and how badly he did it. I repeated the same instructions.

A third time, he still carried on the story: “no mommy, you don’t understand. I did…and it was really bad because….”

By this time I grew greatly annoyed at his continued reminder of his wrong doing, when I already forgave him and told him to go. Even though I told him several times “it’s Oki”, he wouldn’t stop repeating the extent of the wrong.

My annoyance began to manifest into anger. Immediately, the Holy Spirit spoke into my spirit.

This is what my children do after they believe they’ve committed “BIG Sins”. They cannot believe that as “big” as the sin is, I can forgive just as easily as if it was a “little sin”. All sin is sin. I forgive them ALL. I hate being reminded of that which I’ve already forgotten”.

This really grabbed my attention and reminded me of that Micah scripture where he tells us he throws our sins in the sea. (Micah 7:19)

I looked at my son and anger immediately turned to compassion. I realized that he just couldn’t believe that with all that he did, I forgave him so easily. It was unimaginable to him. Therefore he had to keep reminding me, to see if I really understood that his wrong doing deserved punishment – which I didn’t issue.

Aren’t we similar?
I thank the Father that he is such a loving God, that while I was yet a sinner, Christ died for me. Christ took all my guilt, shame and punishment. Therefore, I’m free. I accept that freedom, so when I do sin, my Advocate pleads my cause and as soon as I confess with a penitent heart and repent, he forgives and I’m fully FORGIVEN. The same applies to you my friend.



4 thoughts on “Forgiven🍀

  1. So refreshing and on point…. Thoughts to ponder… Thank You Lord for Your forgiveness whether ‘big’ or ‘small’ sin as we might call it sometimes…

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